1. Centrifugal FanAs an efficient electric ventilator, our centrifugal fan has been subjected to strictly dynamic balancing test. It features with low working noise and easy maintenance. The efficiency and specific A-weighted sound level are both up to the Grade A standard regulated by related Chinese national standards.
    1. Pulse Jet Filter

      The pulse jet filter is available in high pulse pressure type and low pulse pressure type, and plug-in type. You can make the choice according to your reality.

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    1. Negative Pressure AirlockThe advanced design and excellent fabricating of this air lock have ensured the air tighten sufficiently while the rotating wheel runs smoothly.
      A sight glass is available at the inlet of the negative pressure airlock for direct inspection.
    1. Roots Blower The vanes and spindle are manufactured as an intact piece. The roots blower has a long service life and can run continuously.
      As a PD (positive displacement) blower, it comes with high volume use ratio and high volume efficiency.
    1. Positive Pressure AirlockThe material gets in from the top inlet, and passes through the impeller, and then is discharged from the outlet at the bottom. It is typically suitable for feeding material into the positive pressure pipeline which can be found in a flour factory.
    1. Two Way ValveThe materials are fed in the machine and the way is selected by the diverter ball valve. As a pneumatic valve, this device is driven by the pneumatic cylinder. In the modern flour factories, this kind of valve has been widely adopted for the material transferring.

Aspiration and Pneumatic Conveying Equipment

The aspiration and pneumatic conveying equipment is also called dust collection system, which usually include one full set of dust collectors such as fan, pipes, air jet filter, jet dust collector, and so on.

Our aspiration system and pneumatic conveying equipment is one set of equipment widely applied in flour mills for separating the dust or material from the clean air. Specifically, this set of equipment includes centrifugal fan, pulse jet filter, negative pressure airlock, roots blower, and so on.