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Corn Milling Plant

We can help you construct corn milling plants with a daily production capacity of 60-800 ton. Customized solutions are also available. We can provide a range of machines and technical solutions, such as corn collecting, pre-cleaning, storing, decrustation, de-germ, sieving, milling, packing, and product discharging.

The machines involved are designed and installed together with the steel structure support. With advanced germ collecting technology, pure endosperm can be obtained. The main support structure is made of three levels: the roller mills are located on the first floor; the sifters are installed on the second floor and the cyclones and pneumatic pipes are on the third floor. The materials from the roller mill are lifted by a pneumatic transferring system. The whole corn milling system can be installed in a warehouse and our customized designs can meet different requirements.

Our corn milling plant is mainly available in several solutions:
1. Food processing plant.
The main products of the corn processing plant include various kinds of corn grits, corn flour, corn germ oil, and so on. This kind of plants usually have small production capacity, say 60-200 ton per day.

2. Raw material processing solution for factories like alcohol plant and brewery.
The production line in these plants usually needs large production capacity, like 500-800 ton or even larger per day.

Besides, we also need to know if the germ extraction is needed and what the requirements for the germ purity degree are. These factors can affect the final design in a significant way.

If you have any questions about our products and services, welcome to contact us immediately. We will present our excellent solution and equipment according to your requirements.

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