Zhengzhou Chinatown Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Service and Support

We have maintained a professional marketing team and after-sale service team. Any problem about our cereal processing machinery can be perfectly solved by them.

1. We can solve your problems on the phone or through an email.

2. If you need some non-standard products, just tell us your requirements. Then our technicians will provide the best solutions we can present.

3. After receiving your order, we will arrange a professional staff to tract the corresponding production.

4. Whatever problems happened to our grain grinding machine or seed processing equipment, our service team can provide timely technical support on line or via the phone. The technician team will be sent if it is necessary, shortening the break-down duration to the greatest degree.

5. We can provide long term training service so that customers can take more and more challenges, can exploit the potential of our grain processing machines as much as possible. So if you need any personalized training service, just contact CTGRAIN now.