1. Roller Mill

      It can automatically adjust the opening degree of the door of the feeding mechanism. First class pneumatic components are used to achieve reliable movement.

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    1. Plansifter

      As a premium flour sifting machine, it is suitable for the flour manufacturers who process wheat, rice, durum wheat, rye, oat, corn, buckwheat, and so on.

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    1. Mono-Section PlansifterIt has compact structure, light weight, and easy installation and test running procedure. It can be widely introduced in modern flour mills for wheat, corn, food, and even chemicals.
    1. Twin-Section PlansifterModular design is introduced, so you can change the sieve frame quantity to get different sieving performance according to needs.
    1. Purifier

      This flour mill purifier comes with advanced design and excellent fabricating.
      The sieve size could be 380mmx380mm, 490mmx490mm ...

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    1. Bran FinisherAdditionally, it can be also used as the end step for treating the bran separated at the end of the production line, further reducing the flour content in bran. Our products feature with small size, high capacity, low energy consumption, user-friendly operation, easy repairing procedure, and stable performance.
    1. Impact DetacherThe impact detacher is manufactured according our advanced design. The advanced processing machine and techniques have guaranteed the desirable precision and product quality.

Flour Milling Equipment

Our flour milling equipment mainly includes roller mill, plansifter, purifier, hammer mill, and so on. They are widely used in milling section of modern flour mills. The flour extraction rate is quite desirable.