1. Flow ScaleOur LCS series flow scale is used for the gravity dosing system for material flow in the flour mill. It is perfectly suitable for blending various kinds of grains while keeping the flow at a certain speed.
    1. Flour Batch ScaleEach batch our flour batch scale can measured could be 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg, or 2000kg.
      The high efficiency weighing sensor is purchased from German HBM.
    1. Micro Feeder

      The level detector on the storing bin can control the material status by the centre control cabinet, and you can inspect the material status through the ...

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    1. Flour MixerThe flour mixer comes with a wide range of load volume—the load factor could be from 0.4-1. As a versatile flour mixing machine, it is suitable for mixing materials with different specific gravity and granularity in many industries like feed production, grain processing, and so on.
    1. Entoleter

      Our high quality insect destroyer for flour mill is applied before flour packing or its transferring to the bin, to effectively reduce the insects and their eggs.

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    1. Vibro DischargerOur vibro discharger is quite reliable and stable. It can discharge various granular and powdery materials evenly, stably and accurately.
      The working noise of this hopper discharge equipment is quite small, and the energy consumption is low. Its production capacity is adjustable.
    1. Powder Packer

      Our DCSP series intelligent powder packer is well designed for packing various kinds of powdery materials, such as grain flour, starch, chemical materials, and so on.

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    1. Hammer MillThe quantity of the hammer is doubled or tripled, making this hammer mill more versatile. The processed products can be in either coarse or fine granules. Besides the machine structure and processing procedure are both simplified, saving you much investment on equipment purchasing.

Flour Blending and Packing Equipment

Our flour blending machine and packing equipment covers the whole process, including feeding, transferring, weighing, blending, bulk discharging, packing, storing, and so on. Specifically, we can provide machines like flour batch scale, micro feeder, flour mixer, etc. You can check the details in their pages.

The flour blending and packing system is controlled by a PLC system, ensuring that all the machines can start and shut down automatically and run smoothly. Advanced formula management program and user-friendly operation interface have offered an intelligent operation procedure for the operator.