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    1. Roller Mill

      It can automatically adjust the opening degree of the door of the feeding mechanism. First class pneumatic components are used to achieve reliable movement.

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    1. Plansifter

      As a premium flour sifting machine, it is suitable for the flour manufacturers who process wheat, rice, durum wheat, rye, oat, corn, buckwheat, and so on.

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    1. Mono-Section PlansifterIt has compact structure, light weight, and easy installation and test running procedure. It can be widely introduced in modern flour mills for wheat, corn, food, and even chemicals.
    1. Twin-Section PlansifterModular design is introduced, so you can change the sieve frame quantity to get different sieving performance according to needs.
    1. Purifier

      This flour mill purifier comes with advanced design and excellent fabricating.
      The sieve size could be 380mmx380mm, 490mmx490mm ...

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    1. Bran FinisherAdditionally, it can be also used as the end step for treating the bran separated at the end of the production line, further reducing the flour content in bran. Our products feature with small size, high capacity, low energy consumption, user-friendly operation, easy repairing procedure, and stable performance.
    1. Impact DetacherThe impact detacher is manufactured according our advanced design. The advanced processing machine and techniques have guaranteed the desirable precision and product quality.
    1. Pre-Cleaning SeparatorOur pre-cleaning separator has been successfully used for the reception of granular and floury bulk materials in grain milling plants, bulk storage systems, and other plants in the food processing and feed manufacturing industries.
    1. Vibro Separator

      This high performance vibro separator, together with the aspiration channel or recycling aspiration system is widely used in flour mills and silos.

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    1. Gravity Destoner

      Our TQSF series gravity destoner is typically suitable for separating high density materials like stone, metal, glass, etc. from grain ...

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    1. Tubular Magnetic SeparatorOur tubular magnetic separator comes with a piece of powerful permanent magnet, which can remove metal impurities with a high efficiency. You can directly install it in the corresponding down spout.
    1. Drawer Magnet

      So this equipment is a great iron removing machine for industries like food, medicine, electronics, ceramic, chemical, and so on.

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    1. ScourerOur high performance wheat scourer comes with different capacities, from 3t/h to 20t/h. It can remove the contamination on the wheat peel, unqualified wheat, un-detached hull, and so on. Thus the color of the flour can be improved, while the ash content can also be reduced.
    1. Intensive DampenerAs a piece of wheat intensive dampening equipment, our intensive dampener has a wide processing capacity range, from 8t/h to 25t/h, and the water addition ratio could reach 4%. The water dampening performance is even and stable, and the wheat breakage rate is quite low.
    1. Automatic Dampening SystemWith years of hands-on experience, we developed the ZSK-3000 type automatic dampening system with PLC system, user-friendly interface, and high precision measuring sensors. This PLC grain dampening machine is designed for the moisture detection and control of different grains such as wheat, rice, brown rice, corn, some kings of soya bean, and soya bean meal on the processing line by microwave technology.
    1. Flow ScaleOur LCS series flow scale is used for the gravity dosing system for material flow in the flour mill. It is perfectly suitable for blending various kinds of grains while keeping the flow at a certain speed.
    1. Flour Batch ScaleEach batch our flour batch scale can measured could be 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg, or 2000kg.
      The high efficiency weighing sensor is purchased from German HBM.
    1. Micro Feeder

      The level detector on the storing bin can control the material status by the centre control cabinet, and you can inspect the material status through the ...

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    1. Flour MixerThe flour mixer comes with a wide range of load volume—the load factor could be from 0.4-1. As a versatile flour mixing machine, it is suitable for mixing materials with different specific gravity and granularity in many industries like feed production, grain processing, and so on.
    1. Entoleter

      Our high quality insect destroyer for flour mill is applied before flour packing or its transferring to the bin, to effectively reduce the insects and their eggs.

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    1. Vibro DischargerOur vibro discharger is quite reliable and stable. It can discharge various granular and powdery materials evenly, stably and accurately.
      The working noise of this hopper discharge equipment is quite small, and the energy consumption is low. Its production capacity is adjustable.
    1. Powder Packer

      Our DCSP series intelligent powder packer is well designed for packing various kinds of powdery materials, such as grain flour, starch, chemical materials, and so on.

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    1. Hammer MillThe quantity of the hammer is doubled or tripled, making this hammer mill more versatile. The processed products can be in either coarse or fine granules. Besides the machine structure and processing procedure are both simplified, saving you much investment on equipment purchasing.
    1. Gravity Separator

      It is suitable for handling a range of dry granular materials. Specifically, after treated by air screen cleaner and indented cylinder, the seeds have similar sizes.

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    1. Air Screen Cleaner

      This excellent seed screening machine is a piece of eco-friendly seed processing equipment, which has excellent performance in the aspects of dust control ...

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    1. Indented Cylinder

      This series indented cylinder grader, before delivery, will be subjected to several quality tests, making sure every product has desirable quality and long service life.

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    1. Seed CoaterThe volumetric measuring device is used for grain coater, cotton seed coating equipment, and grass seed coating machine in a certain range. Coated with protective materials, pesticide, fertilizer, the seeds can grow much better after planted.
    1. Seed PackerThe seed packer comes with high measuring accuracy, fast packing speed, reliable and stable working performance.
      The automatic weighing, automatic count, and accumulative weight functions are available for this equipment.